Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Deepest Love

We’re coming up on Valentine’s day, and Hallmark is so excited. Although “Sweetest Day” gets the tag of most made up holiday, Hallmark has absolutely built its company on V-Day.

But since we’re on the subject, let’s talk about love for a minute.

The Player A song, “The Deepest Love” is a song that has some pretty dense meaning for me. I was sitting playing the keyboard, and just kind of jamming. My wife walked in and swayed to what I was playing, and just as quickly left again. In that moment, I just felt a deep connection between my love for the music I was playing (the chords and rhythm, the melody), but also for my wife of over 20 years.

Not sure how many of you have been in a relationship this long, but there is a deep abiding that happens after this long. It goes beyond puppy love or infatuation, and into sense of belonging “with” each other. You look at each other and thank God that He has blessed you with something so few may experience.

Agape Love

Actually, it starts to be similar to the “agape” love of God. Now stick with me if religious talk isn’t your thing, I’m trying to make a point. Christians believe that God has a “covenant” love for humans, and when a believer returns that covenant it’s called agape love.

I think the deep love you feel for a longtime mate, is close to that agape love. This kind of love goes past sex, or fights, or moods, or awful life experience. It’s the kind of love that ties two people together.

And that’s the feeling we hope you experience when you listen to “The Deepest Love” by Player A Jazz.

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